10" Split with Magnum Force and Sex Prisoner

by ACxDC

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released April 2, 2013



all rights reserved


ACxDC Los Angeles, California

West Coast Power Violence
Since 03

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Track Name: Eye In The Sky
Joe Pesci
Death machine

Guido with slicked back hair

Bobby d
Money fiend

Jew gangster millionaire

Torn between money and loyalty

Sharon stone strung out on coke
Loveless marriage unable to cope
Takes their girl and she runs away
From the mob you can not escape

Aces high
All will die
Botch car bomb
He survives
Two brothers
Buried alive

This casino is de niros
Track Name: Crux
Driven by hate
Fight to survive
Escape your captors
Gut them alive

Heathen mute
Silent warrior
Wrath of a brute
One eyes bloodthirst

The imagined Holy land
in Jerusalem
If you live or die
youre still absolved of sinsssssss  

Savage Christians
Men of god
On a crusade
Swallowed by fog

Convert the world
By the almighty sword
Destroy all life
In the name of the lord

Live or dieeeeeeee
Youre still just a fucking pawn
Track Name: Trolls
Message board celebrity
with an internet identity
your bullshit popularity
Gives nothing to society

I can not sum up
How goddamn much
I couldnt give a fuck

Regurgitated humor
Social network hipster
You're cookie fucking cutter
Useless cannon fodder
Desperate for followers
You're not a worthy leader
You're cookie fucking cutter
Useless cannon fodder        

Please just kill yourself
Track Name: Worthless
Wake up
go back to sleep
To sick
don't want to eat
Fed up
of being me
Why cant
I be happy

Must make a stand
Reach for the knife
Trembling hands
End my own life

Disdain and contempt
Endless hate inside my head
For the weak for the cheap
Spineless shit inside of me

Nothing x3
Track Name: Loathe
Dont even know why i try
I fail to see why i should care
when all you low life parasites
fuck my body into disrepair

all this hatred inside my head
i want you bloody i want you dead

you deserve nothing less
than a bullet through your chest
i want to hear you beg
choke the life out of your neck
bulging eyes are torn from socket
jugular stabbed & you're spewing vomit

no more tolerance
no more acceptance
no more bullshit
just pure fucking hatred