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West Coast Power Violence
Since 03

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Track Name: Turtle Power
Dont fuck with Turtles
They know karate
Dont take their pizza if you value your body
They may be vegan
They may be straightedge
But if you mess with splinter theyll cut off your head
Shredder and Krang
They really suck
These ninja turtles are gonna fuck them up
They cannot watch rated r movies
But they can beat up genetic freaks
April Oneil treats em real nice
Because when she has pizza she gives them a slice
Of course its tofutti with dairy free cheese
The meats are all fake as well as the anchovies
Fuck fucking shredder
Long live turtle power
Track Name: Sexual Fantasies With Biblical Figures
Facial hair it gets me real wet
The way it feels against my chest
The way the hair pokes my chin
and tickles me on my skin
I can imagine the face of Jesus
Slowly moving to give me head
Sexual fantasies of biblical figures
Men with beards give me a shiver