He Had It Coming EP

by ACxDC

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released June 1, 2005

Dood Records/Militant Records



all rights reserved


ACxDC Los Angeles, California

West Coast Power Violence
Since 03

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Track Name: Dumb N Dumbshit
Harry The Destroyer
Met Lloyd The Wicked

Their union
Was of Satanic
Consider this
A story of carnage
Of a journey to Aspen

They went to find Miss Samsonite
She was the love of their lives
On the way they met some babes
Then Lloyd set himself ablaze

Responsible for destroying
Gave a dead bird to a blind kid
Have a horrible sense of fashion

The diarrhea flowed out of his asshole
The diarrhea flowed out of his asshole
Track Name: Death Spare Not The Tiger
10,000 years of civilization
Culminate in the exploitation
Of all men and all women
Of the earth and all things living
And all knowledge
Is now censored
Of our once
Wild nature
To be replaced
With shows like Survivor
And all mating patterns
On Discovery Channel
Herded into apartments
And then into their graves

Death spare not the tiger (3x)

Or the human race
Track Name: Anti-Christ Demon Core
Anti-Christ Demon Core (x8)
Track Name: Jack Trippin'
Jack Trippin' he's our man
If he can't do it, no one can (4x)

Jack Trippin' (10x)

Three's company
Remote Control
And Eight Rules
Fucking ruled

Jack Trippin' (4x)

Our fallen hero
Is now gone
You died
Of a heart attack
Track Name: Wookies Have Feelings Too
Princess Leia don't be scared
I'll get whoever did that to your hair (4x)

I am Chewbacca
I fix the robots
Don't call me Chewy
It hurts my feelings (2x)

Dammit Skywalker get out of the picture
Don't you see I wish to mate with your sister (4x)

I am Chewbacca
I fix the robots
Don't call me Chewy
It hurts my feelings
Track Name: We Kill Christians
We kill christians (4x)

We're satanic (4x)

We kill christians
We're satanic
Fuck religion (2x)