Second Coming EP

by ACxDC

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released June 1, 2012

To Live A Lie Records



all rights reserved


ACxDC Los Angeles, California

West Coast Power Violence
Since 03

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Track Name: Milk Was A Bad Choice
Were just gonna have to agree to disagree
You say San Diego and I say San Diago

Hey everybody come see how good I look
How self centered I am and egotistical
I am trapped behind a mustache
I'm a goddamn glass case of emotion

Unique New York (2x)
How now brown cow (2x)

We've been coming to the same party
For 12 years now and it's not depressing
I don't know just how to put this
But people know me I'm kind of a big deal

Milk was a bad idea
Milk was a terrible choice
Track Name: No Fly Zone
Traveling across the world
Giving up all of their comforts
Pursuing all their dreams
Immigrant Flight of the Conchords

Jemaine weilder of the axe guitar
Bret bass master extraordinaire

Traveling across the world
Giving up all of their comforts
Pursuing all their dreams
Immigrant Flight of the Conchords

No work to pay the bills
No fans to help the cause
No family to call their own
No one really understands
Track Name: Leech
You spread your filth like a disease
Your home is hell your mind is weak
You bite and tear the hand that feeds
You only live for selfish means

Gave up on our hopes and dreams
Only care about yourself
The more and more I try it seems
The more and more that I just fail

Fucking hate all of you
For coming into my life
Making me believe in you
All your bullshit and your lies

No feelings
For vile humans
Fucking worthless
Pieces of shit
Track Name: Jokes On You
Why so fucking serious?
With doctor prescribed happiness
Now buried with Joker face
No more need for corpse paint

Of the dark knight
Swallowed up
Into the night

No matter your celebrity wealth
You face death and personal hell
I wait for your untimely death
Fuck with drugs in peace you'll rest
Track Name: T-Shirt Time
Jersey Shore fucks
In Speedo trunks

Spray on tans
Hair spray and fist pumps

I hope your tanning bed
Gets locked with you inside of it
We have got a grenade
About to blow this situation

Reality television
Feeding bullshit to the children
What your kind is in need of
Plastic surgery with a shotgun
Track Name: Fuck It Dood...Let's Go Bowling
Jesus is the enemy
His pederast is molesting
He licks those balls so goddamn clean
We must defeat his bowling team

Do you see what happens when you
Fuck a stranger in the the ass (2x)

Walter Sobchak
Went overseas
Saw the death of
His buddies so
You and I can
Drink our coffee
In this country
Oh so freely (2x)