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Since 03

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Track Name: Asocial
I'm anti social
I hate society
I may be part of it It's not part of me
I keep on talking
I keep on smiling
I keep on faking
All I’m feeling
My palms are sweaty
Im holding back
Trying my best just not to go on the attack
Not to go on the attack
I'm sick of everyone
I'm sick of everything
I hate waking up
When I just want to go to sleep
Drop out
Track Name: Acedia
No love
No will
No joy
Kill myself
Every day is a fight inside my head
Locked away I wish I was fucking dead
Weary and full of pain
Listless mental state
Bitter and alone
Losing control
Weary and full of pain
Listless mental state
No love
No will
No joy
Kill myself
More and more I want less and less
To wither up Into nothingness
Track Name: Grind Game and Brain Eater
Grind Game
Look at me, I'm so proud
I'm playing in a band, now I'm somebody
I've got a bigger c… amp than you
Can't you see?
Maybe I'll fuck some
Chicks in eastern europe,
Maybe I'll take travelers on the road
In order to earn money,
Asking gasmoney to promoter and
Use oil in my custom van,
I'm so smart, I could fall in love with myself.
Call me Doctor Grindcore,
All eyes on me
If you want some quality
I'll give you some I'm so tasty

Brain Eater
Could you please stop annoying me?
I'm fed up listening
To your drunk philosophy
Already heard that shit
One million time
Stop trying to be serious
When you're totally stone
Just enjoy the show and
Shut your toothless mouth!