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West Coast Power Violence
Since 03

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Track Name: Bone Claw
Mutant hatred
eugenic bullshit
Useless ignorant
Human hypocrite

This world isn't
meant for one kind
Well never survive
your eye for an eye

forced to live underground

Sentinels enforcing
martial law
i will destroy you
With my fucking bone claws

Role reversal
Power corrupts
Violence creates
more fucking violence

you will not keep us down
Track Name: Broken // Fixed
Born broken
Poor worthless
No chance to live
No one gives a shit

Why cant we just fucking help one another
Whys is so hard just to care about each other

i know it
my bank
statements show it
im fixed
for the moment
Track Name: Fiction Monger
Living your lies
Pretentious socialite
Sheep in disguise
You I despise

Barren waste of space
Desolate shit for brains
Trying to impress
Just to save face

Soul less

Naive to struggle
You feel no pain
ungrateful mother fucker
over privileged
sheltered fake
fiction fucking monger