Split with Disparo

by ACxDC

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This is a preview of the split 7" with Disparo out on Here and Now Records and Noisebleed Records.


released February 10, 2016



all rights reserved


ACxDC Los Angeles, California

West Coast Power Violence
Since 03

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Track Name: Complex
Imprisoned enslaved
Justice bought for the highest pay
Big business is depraved
System meant to keep you in your place
“For the greater good”
Is the rally call
Were our freedom stood
They erected walls
Their laws are not applied the same for you and me
Their empires predicated on racial purity
Who do they protect?
Who do they serve?
They defend the rich
Incarcerate the poor
Sent away to rot and they threw away the key
Just because they’re not subservient fucking beings
Demanding all their rights is what were working for
We won’t stop our fight until your prisons fall
Track Name: Shoot First
Systematic abuse
We need no further proof
Its no fucking use
To try and explain to you
They are the law
They’re in control
I stand in awe
That you still don’t know
We must destroy
We must obliterate
Piece by piece
These racist police states
Hands up
Shoot back
Track Name: Prometheus
Pickets and pitchforks
Fire and brimstone
Barren and lifeless
Scared of the unknown
No one should be subject to someone else’s will
Women are creators and men can only kill
You dont know the pain never know the joy
You can’t carry life you can just destroy
Mass burnings
To appease their superstitions
Let go of your ego let go of your control
Nature finds a way to break thru all your walls
Man made monsters
Creature feature
You should abort your god
Track Name: D.I.O.
We all once believed
In the power of our scene
That we could actually be
everything we need
We can DIY 
Or we can DIT
But we’ve got to stop
The fighting in our scene
To change
The way
We see
Youd rather talk a lot of talk
Than put in any type of work
You never thought you weren’t taught
All that were truly fucking worth
Solidarity to yous a dirty word
Petty differences are tearing down your world
We won’t agree on every single thing
Set your differences aside you’ll be amazed what we achieve
Track Name: Light Bringer
Neil Degrasse
Kicked some ass
William Nye
He killed Some guy
Stephen Hawking
For the win
Science is
Number one sin
Hardened warriors
In this endless war
Crucial knowledge
Is what they’re fighting for